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english vs bahasa jawa


Bahasa jawa lebih efisien daripada bahasa inggris lhoo..

*walk slowly on the side of the road = ‘mlipir’

*fall backward and then hit own head = ‘nggeblak’

*got hit by a truck that is moving backward = ‘kunduran trek’

*talk too much about unimportant thing = ‘kecangkeman’

*riding an old bicycle = ‘ngonthel’

*falling / tripping forward = ‘kejlungup’

*hot pyroclastic cloud rolling down a volcanoe = ‘wedus gembel’

*a small, sharp thing embedded inside one’s skin = ‘kesusuben’

*spending a lot of time doing nothing = ‘mbathang’

*things getting out from a container accidentally because of gravity = ‘mbrojol’

*drinking straight from the bottle without using glass = ‘ngokop’

*being overly active carelessly = ‘pecicilan’

*feeling unwell bcause of cold = ‘katisen’

*tripping over accidentally caused by wires, cloths, gowns, etc. = ‘kesimpret’



jawa tulen, suka becanda😊 suka fotografi📷 kerjanya tukang foto rontgen☢ seneng main bola,futsal serta nonton bola⚽ twitter/ig: @eljauhary otherside blog:

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